Need Australian Standard Pallets?

Australian standard hardwood shipping pallets are a square hardwood pallet measuring 1,165 millimetres by 1,165 millimetres in size. They were originally designed to fit in the standard containers of the Australian railways. This pallet type can be a good choice for dealing with local supply chains; they are the right shape and size to be removed directly from transport and straight into warehouse racking. For export purposes, however they can be problematic. They are a completely non-standard size everywhere else in the world. They do not fit very well into standard 6.1m by 12m ISO shipping containers used around the world.

The other commonly used Australian pallet is the 1100 millimetre by 1100 millimetre ISO pallet, often referred to colloquially as an “export pallet” as they fit easily two per side into standard shipping containers.

Shipping Pallets

Building custom shipping pallets, we can supply products in any size you specify. If you aren’t sure which specification would best suit your needs, we’ll be happy to guide you through the decision. We’re always willing to take the time to make sure every customer buys the right product to meet their needs.

Do You Need Heat Treatment?

If your pallets are heading offshore, get them heat treated in our heat treatment kiln. Untreated timber can carry insects, larvae and other timber pests across international borders, which can turn into a huge headache for you and everyone involved in your supply chain when the pallets hit quarantine. A quick visit to our heat treatment kiln is all it takes to kill any pests, and your quarantine headache with it too. When that process is done we’ll approve your new shipping pallets with our “ISPM-15” compliance stamp. This is all it needs to show the whole world it’s been heat treated and won’t be sending any nasties to devastate foreign ecosystems.

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