Euro Pallets to Get Your Goods to Europe

The Euro pallet, also known as the EUR-pallet or EPAL pallet is the standard choice in Europe as defined by the European Pallet Association (EPAL). It is a four-way pallet measuring 1200×800×144 mm. It is nailed with 78 special nails in a prescribed pattern. With an estimated 350 to 500 million Euro pallets in circulation, it is the most widespread type in the world.

It is not compulsory to send your goods on Euro pallets when exporting to Europe. It is, however, highly preferred. Since 1961, European railways standardised the sizes of a common pallet type over which several decades of transport and logistic infrastructure have been created to deal with. This makes the EPAL specified products highly transferrable and on-sellable throughout the entire European market. This European pallet pool is even starting to grow beyond Europe, into Asian countries including China, South Korea and Indonesia.

It is standard practice among European companies for the receiving company to pay a pre-agreed price for the value of the Euro pallet, as it has value throughout the rest of the European logistics and supply chain.

Other sized products can end up just being dead weight once their initial journey is done. The receiving company may charge a disposal fee for these, as they have no use for it.

Euro Pallet Heat Treatment

Our on-site heat treatment kiln will ensure that your Euro pallet is compliant with the ISPM-15 standards designed to stop the transfer of timber pests. This will get you the compliance stamp you need to pass quarantine faster.

Exporting to Europe?

Over decades, exporters have learnt to their cost that getting their pallet choice wrong can lead to headaches, expense and aggravated importer-exporter relationships. With the right supplier and the right advice, this can all be avoided. Speak to us on (03) 9369 4497 or send us a message via our contact form.

Our Euro pallets are designed and built specially to be exported to Europe. We follow all European manufacturing guidelines and specifications to ensure your goods arrive without any trouble. Our Euro export pallet specifications are:

  • Dimensions

  • Capacity

  • 1,200mm x 800mm
  • 1,200kg

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