Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our answers to some questions we frequently get asked! If  you have any other questions regarding our services, feel free to give us a call on (03) 9369 4497.

Export Pallets is now nearing our 3rd decade of working in the industry. We are experienced in trading used pallets as well as building pallets from scratch to suit your needs.

Export Pallets offers a wide range of pallets including export pallets, timber pallets, recycled pallets and custom pallets. Call us today on (03) 9369 4497 to learn more about our pallets.

Custom pallets are suitable for businesses that have irregularly sized products that don’t suit the regular pallet configuration. You may find that your products are too big, too small, or too heavy for regular pallets and need a couple of adjustments. Export Pallets can talk you through your needs and design a pallet that best fits. We can then build these pallets for you in our on-site warehouse and deliver them straight to your business.

Yes, Export Pallets sell plastic pallets. We only offer recycled plastic pallets to our customers.

Yes! Export Pallets is very passionate about sustainable business practices and can buy your old pallets off you. We buy both plastic and timber pallets. The only pallets we don’t buy include CHEP, LOSCAM, chipboard and plywood.

The price we buy the pallets from your business for depends on the quality of your pallets. Get in touch with us to sell your pallets and we’ll walk you through the process and provide you with an estimate that matches the value of your pallets.

If you are exporting your products on timber pallets, you will need to ensure that they have been treated. Export Pallets has an onsite heating kiln to heat treat pallets so that they are ready for export according to the ISPM-15 standards.

Heat treating is a method used to ensure that your pallets are ready for export. This method of treating your pallets is good for the environment and also safe for people allowing the pallets to be upcycled as furniture or other items once their life as a pallet is complete.

To export to America, you will need pallets that are heat treated and match the correct sizing. Export Pallets build pallets that are compatible with US sizing, the most common sizing being 1200mm X 1000mm.

As with all pallets going overseas, you will need to heat treat your pallets to export to Europe. Export Pallets also build pallets that are compatible with the sizes in Europe, the most common being 1200mm x 800mm.

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