Heat Treatment Solutions

Heat Treated Pallets from Our Kiln

Heat Treatment Solutions
So why would you need heat treated pallets ?

Introducing ISPM-15 Standards

The International Plant Protection Convention has introduced a pest control measure known as the International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15, or ISPM-15 for short.
What does this all mean in plain English?
This means that timber packaging materials used to transport goods between countries – such as timber pallets – need to go through some sort of process to kill insects and other pests that might live or have eggs in the timber. This reduces the risk of them spreading from country to country, causing damage to ecosystems the world over.

What Happens When We Heat Treat Your Pallets?

To heat treat your pallets, we place them in our kiln and heat it to a temperature high enough to kill any pests in the wood but not so high as to weaken the timber.We then stamp the pallet to mark that it is heat treated, and issue a certificate.

Heat Treated Pallets

Using heat treated pallets will mean your goods will have a much easier time passing quarantine. For the best chances of passing quarantine, you should ensure that all timber packaging in the consignment is marked with ISPM-15 compliance stamps, and that no other quarantine concerns exist, such as straw used as packing material.

Heat treatment is both kind to the planet and kind to your bottom line. It’s environmentally friendly because it helps protect the world’s forests from the damages caused by introduced insects and other pests. It’s also business friendly because it gets your products to market faster. The longer your goods sit in quarantine, the worse your cash flow position. This costs you money! Get your goods moving with the right heat treated pallets.

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