Heat Treatment

Heat Treated Pallets For Export

Timber is great. Where would we be without it? Probably without houses, furniture, picture frames, drawbridges, and a certain number of exotic handcrafted chess pieces. We certainly wouldn’t have the vast majority of the pallets which form the very backbone of the supply chains on which our entire modern economy depends.

But there’s a problem with sending raw timber to foreign lands. Timber comes from trees, which form parts of ecosystems, containing all manner of weird and wonderful creatures. Many of these creatures – typically insects – are considered pests when moved to the wrong place. It’s undesirable that they hitch a ride on a ship full of televisions and badminton periodicals, to set up shack in a brand new continent and cause untold ecological damage as an invasive species. So in March 2002, a new standard called “ISPM-15” was adopted to address the spread of timber pests via wooden packaging in international trade.

Some people have decided to address this by using plastic pallets. Now there are some great reasons for using plastic pallets, but this isn’t one of them.

Compared to timber, plastic pallets are extremely expensive. And when you send them twelve thousand kilometres, chances are, you’re not getting them back.

Heat Treat Your Pallets

Our facility has a heat treatment kiln to make your pallets export ready. This kiln kills any pests in the timber while leaving it robust and sturdy to carry your goods. After we heat treat your pallet, we’ll stamp it to show that it complies with ISPM-15 standards and issue you a certificate for your records. This gives you two layers of proof that your heat treated pallets are right to pass quarantine.

Are Heat Treated Pallets Right For You?

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