Quality New And Recycled Pallets In Australia

Export Pallets is a leading supplier of all types of wooden, plastic, and custom pallets that suit the needs of various commercial and industrial applications. We are renowned for supplying a wide range of pallets in Laverton North with flexible new and recycled options for all types of high, medium, and low budget businesses.

Our Specialities

We feel proud to say that our professionalism, excellent customer care service, quality products, and individual collaboration with each of our customers irrespective of their project sizes and budgets have honoured us a long list of happy and satisfied clients.

Some of the specialities of our products and services include:

Wide Range Of Products

Our wide range of pallets in standard and custom sizes include:

  • New and recycled timber pallets
  • New and recycled plastic pallets
  • Custom pallets
  • Standard size pallets
  • EURO pallets
  • Export-ready pallets

Heat Treatment Solution

We give heat treatment solution to your pallets in Derrimut that ensures your goods have the best chances of passing quarantine. This timber kills pests, making it suitable for businesses related to overseas shipping. All heat treated pallets are certified, stamped, and audited as per the standard of ISPM-15.

Affordable Price Range

All our new and recycled pallets in Truganina are available at a very competitive price range. Our recycled pallets provide an economical option as they drastically reduce your packaging costs. When they are thoroughly cleaned and reconditioned, they are as durable and useful as a new one.

Buying Old Pallets

If you have unused or surplus pallets, you can free your warehouse space and make money by selling your old pallets to us.

Why Choose Our Products And Services

Customer-Focused Service

With decades of experience and expertise in the pallet industry, we are a reputed and reliable service provider who values your business by setting a unique standard of service. Our team of trained pallet professionals offer an instant, warm, and friendly response to all your queries and issues.

Quality Sustainability-Driven Product

Our quality, sustainability-driven pallets in Tullamarine ensure that our second-hand pallets are as strong as our new pallets. We also give this guarantee to our recycled pallets to ensure that our customers get the best value of our services and products.

Prompt Delivery Service

We have a long supply chain network across Victoria to ensure the prompt delivery of pallets of different types, shapes, sizes, and numbers to your doorsteps. This also helps in the seamless movement of your products within a short span of time.

High Quality Durable Products

Our manufacturing standards guarantee you with high-quality pallets in Sunshine. Our heat treatment solution, audit, and certification ensure their compliance with ISPM-15 standards for export purpose. This proves the quality and durability of our products.

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