Pallets For Export

Our Wide Range of Export-Ready Pallets for Sale

Pallets For Export

The Australian economy accounts for about 2.5% of global GDP. That leaves a whopping 97.5% of global economic activity happening elsewhere. For many businesses, the obvious way to grow is to start getting involved with that: to export.

Wood Pallets For Sale

If you have goods to export, then we’ve got pallets for sale! We build and recycle a range of pallets across standard sizes, and build to custom specifications as well. We heat treat pallets to get them through quarantine. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, we take the time to give you the right advice.

Pallets For Sale in Melbourne

We can help you export with the following products and services:

Euro Pallets

We can supply the Euro pallet, the standard European pallet as defined by EPAL, the European Pallet Organisation. This is the most widely used pallet type in the world. This is not the only way to get your goods to Europe, but it’s often vastly preferred, because these can be used down the rest of the supply chain after they arrive in the country.

You can often sell them directly to the buyer, while there may be a disposal fee for other types.

USA Pallets

We also supply pallets in the standard “GMA” size, along with a range of other sizes to suit the forklifts, warehouse and supply chains found throughout the world’s largest economy.

Heat Treatment

Timber can carry insects, insect larvae, and other timber pests. This can be a problem when you need to get your goods past quarantine. Our on-site heat treatment kiln kills these pests without compromising the sturdiness or durability of your pallet. We then stamp it with the ISPM-15 compliance you need to show that your wood pallets for sale are pest-free. We’ll also issue you a compliance certificate, while keeping our own records to show that it has been properly heat treated.

You’ve Got the Goods, We’ve Got the Pallets for Sale

Whatever you’re exporting, wherever it’s going, it helps to send it on the right pallet. We’ll talk you through your options and if we don’t have the exact thing you need in our yard, we’ll custom build it to your exact specifications and have it to you within a matter of days.

Pallets For Sale

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