Plastic Pallets

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Plastic Pallets
Though we primarily deal in timber pallets, we also have a range of plastic options available.

Plastic pallets are more expensive than their timber counterparts. They can, however, be preferable to wooden pallets in certain situations.

Plastic can be more resistant to certain acids and alkalis than wood, which might make it more suitable to certain environments where harsh chemicals are a factor. Wooden pallets are nailed together; plastic pallets lack nails, which can be an advantage when carrying fragile items that might not play nice with nails in timber. Plastic is also easily washed and totally not delicious to termites.

Plastic pallets are also generally about 30% lighter than the equivalent timber product.

This can make them a desirable choice for air freight, especially when the weight of the pallet forms a large proportion of the weight of the whole packaged item.

Do You Really Need Plastic?

Many people point to the advantage that plastic pallets have over wood in passing quarantine regulations. Timber can harbour insects, larvae and other pests, while plastic does not. This can be a big deal if you are exporting your goods. If you are considering plastic pallets for this reason, however, it might be worth comparing this option to a heat treating solution. Heat treatment can make timber pallets just as ISPM-15 compliant as plastic, and the cost premium of plastic can really bite when sending goods overseas, because chances are you’re not getting the pallet back.

If you’re unsure about whether or not plastic or wooden pallets are the better option for you, please, get in touch with us for a chat. We take the time to understand your situation before we recommend any particular product. Proper communication with you, the customer, is one of the most important parts of how we do business. We care that you’re getting the right product to meet your needs.

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