Pallets to Meet Strict US Import Standards

The United States of America: by most measures, it’s still the world’s largest economy. With more than ten billion dollars’ worth of goods heading there every year, it’s also Australia’s fourth largest export market. Wouldn’t it be great to start selling there?

It’ll help if you use the right pallet. The most common kind of pallet in the USA is the “GMA” (Grocery Manufacturers of America) pallet, measuring 1016 X 1219 X 141 millimetres, which accounts for 30% of new pallet manufacture in the United States. Others commonly used in the USA include the 1219 X 508 millimetre Retail pallet, the 1016 X 1016 millimetre Dairy pallet, and the 914 X 914 millimetre Beverage pallet. As a custom pallet builder, we can supply these, or any sized wooden pallet.

America, Here We Come !

Whether you are shipping goods in one direction, or back-and-forth, we have the products to meet your needs.

Don’t forget heat treatment. The USA is one country that requires all wooden packaging material to be ISPM-15 compliant – that is, to be certified to not be carrying any timber pests into the country. As of July 5, 2006, any noncompliant wooden packaging material will not be allowed to enter the United States of America. Do you really want your goods to be stopped at the docks and not let in? We didn’t think so either. Our on-site heat treatment kiln will kill any insects, larvae, and other nasties dead, without compromising the strength or durability of the pallet. We can then stamp it as ISPM-15 compliant, while issuing you a certificate and keeping our own record of the heat treatment. That way you’ll never have to worry about your exports being held up by noncompliance.

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