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Wooden Pallets Melbourne

Wooden Pallets Melbourne
If you need the best wood pallets Melbourne has to offer, you can rely on Export Pallets! We build new wooden pallets to standard sizes and also for custom purposes. We have done custom work as small as 300mm X 300mm and as large as 3m X 5m. We use all the most up-to-date machinery available and employ skilled workers who know their work. We don’t believe in shortcuts and we have pride and care in our work on wooden pallets to be sure that it’s done properly.

Wooden Pallets Melbourne

Our turnaround time on brand new work is usually around two days. Custom wooden pallets that are really out of the ordinary might need extra work and attention and therefore take a little bit longer; if this is going to be a factor then we will be sure to talk to you about it before you place your order.

Exporting? Our heat treatment kiln will get your wooden pallets certified to international standards around timber pests and wooden packaging material. This is crucial to ensuring your goods don’t get stopped or delayed at quarantine.

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Think wooden pallets are all just the same? Not really. Not every pallet is suited to every load or every job. Get the wrong one and it might break, or damage the goods carried, or both. This is why it’s important to get the right wooden pallets for your specific need. We take the time to talk you through your options and understand your use for them. This is why we take the time to not just sell you pallets, but to sell you the right pallets!

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Don’t compromise on quality wooden pallets – Melbourne business owners know their whole supply chain literally rides on them!

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