An introduction to upcycling pallets

Upcycling Pallets

Upcycling pallets is an increasingly popular trend of reusing old pallets to extend their life. This process of providing pallets with a new life is not to be confused with recycling pallets. The process of recycling pallets uses the timber from the older pallets to build recycled pallets or breaks the timber down to material to use in another product. On the other hand, the process of upcycling pallets gives pallets a new life as another product that exceeds the value of the original pallet.

In many cases, products that are made from upcycled pallets have the distinct pallet frame integrated into them which is appreciated as an aesthetic by the end consumer. This value placed on aesthetics then allows businesses to create products that can be sold for a higher rate than the pallet.

What are some ways pallets are upcycled?

Common ways pallets can be upcycled include:

Using the timber to build furniture

Using pallets as a way to build furniture is becoming an increasingly popular trend in interior design. From chairs and tables to bed heads, this trend allows customers to choose from a wider range of interior design styles that add a warm feeling to their house.

Using the timber in the yard

If your old pallets have strong timber, they can be used to build outdoor structures like garden sheds and fencing or even outdoor bars and patios for end customers looking for that country feel. Another simple way pallets can be used in backyards is as pots for plants!

Creating art

Pallet wall art is another way pallets can be upcycled. As an extension of the increasingly popular trend of building furniture from pallets, pallet art is another way this trend in interior design is carried out. Those experienced in working on DIY projects made from timber may create the art themselves. With a rustic feel, art made using pallets is bound to capture the hearts of its viewers!

Some notes on upcycling


The wide range of opportunities to upcycle pallets is great news, but it is also important to be careful when choosing the type of pallet to upcycle. In particular, pallets treated with methyl bromide should not be used to build furniture as they can release fumes that are dangerous to inhale.

Treating pallets is crucial to protecting ecosystems as it kills off any bugs and pests on the timber. Using methyl bromide to treat the pallets is one of the ways in which pallets can be treated. This method releases fumes that are harmful to the environment as well as people. Heat treating your pallets is a better way to treat pallets as it is environmentally friendly and safe for people as well.

At Export Pallets, we heat treat all our export pallets with our onsite kiln. This process is cleaner and easier on the surrounding environment while protecting the diverse ecosystems of the globe.

Benefits of upcycling pallets

Upcycling pallets is great for the environment. Some of its key benefits for the environment include:

Reduces the need to fell trees

There is an increasing number of businesses committing to planting the trees they have felled. However, waiting for the trees to regrow takes time and does not replace what has been taken away from the environment immediately. As a result, upcycling timber is a great way to keep the timber in the market and reduce the need to fell trees and meet consumer demand. It allows us to sustain the natural resources we have on our planet for longer periods of time and protect the environment.

Reduces commercial waste

Upcycling timber pallets reduces the amount of timber that leaves your premises as commercial waste. If the timber is neither recycled nor upcycled, it goes straight to landfill. Landfill is harmful for the environment as it releases methane gas. Due to the negative effects on the atmosphere, disposing of products should be used as a last resort. Instead, looking for opportunities to reuse and upcycle timber pallets helps the environment long-term while providing your business the opportunity to generate cash.

Promotes reusing products within the community

Since people traditionally buy new pieces of furniture, reusing materials or buying second-hand is often tied to financial constraints. Upcycling positions the concept of reusing products as trendy, increasing the value of second-hand products to encourage more people to consider this option for their furniture. This tendency to purchase furniture made from refurbished pallets will then transfer to other product categories and promote refurbishing products for reuse as a more trendy and sustainable way of living in the future.

We hope you learned more about upcycling pallets! Export Pallets is passionate about sustainable business practices and buy used pallets, refurbish them, and sell these recycled pallets to give them a new life and reduce the strain on using natural resources to create new pallets from scratch. Contact us today to learn more about our sustainable practices and how your business can help contribute.

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