Recycled Pallets

Used Or Recycled Pallets

Used or recycled pallets can be an economical choice as well as being environmentally friendly. We only supply good quality recycled pallets, Recycled ISPM-15 Export Pallets as well as reconditioned pallets.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do for the environment take a look at our sustainability efforts.

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Benefits of used or recycled pallets

There are a variety of benefits of using recycled pallets. These pallets are a more cost-effective choice and can help your business save on its costs. These pallets are also environmentally friendly as they reuse usable materials and reduce the waste going to landfill. As a result, they save the wastage of precious resources.
Recycled Standard - environmentally friendly export pallets
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Second-Hand Pallets

Choosing second-hand pallets is a sustainable choice. By extending the useful life of each product, we can reduce the number of trees that need to be felled to keep our supply chains running. In this, we make an active choice to be kinder to the planet without really sacrificing anything.

Recycled Standard
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Recycling Wooden/Timber Pallets

All products that we supply inspected and repaired where necessary, we make sure that you are still receiving a quality product when you buy from us. We recycle wooden pallets to give you the best possible products!

Plastic Pallet
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Plastic Pallet Recycling

We also sell used plastic pallets. Plastic is lighter in weight than timber, making it sometimes a desirable choice for air freight. Please contact us to talk about sizes and quantities.

Strength and Durability

As with all our dealings, we take the time to talk to you when we sell. We want to be sure that we are selling you the right product to suit your needs. Good communication is a core value in our business. We don’t just sell – we sell the right pallets! Our recycled plastic and timber pallets are some of the best.

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