Timber Pallets

Like every business, ours has an impact on the environment. We take steps to manage this impact. It’s our way of being kinder to the planet.

One effort we make to operate sustainably is the effort we take with our recycled pallets. When used pallets come in, we thoroughly check every board of every product to refurbish them to where they can carry their rated load. As well as being good for your business, this is great for sustainability. The better refurbished a recycled pallet is, the longer it will stay in circulation, and the less lumber will need to be felled to build new ones.

Our heat treatment kiln is also a way of being kinder to the planet. Heat treating timber pallets to hinder the spread of pest species has an obvious benefit to woodland and forest ecosystems the entire world over. But there’s another environmental benefit you may not have thought of: putting timber pallets through the kiln is not the only way to make them ISPM-15 compliant. They can also be fumigated with a chemical called methyl bromide. This extremely lethal gas is also hideously nasty to our precious ozone layer – for this reason, many European countries have banned methyl bromide fumigation as an alternative to heat treating.

Don’t fumigate your timber pallets: heat treat them. It’s kinder to the planet and it doesn’t risk getting your pallet banned.

Eco-Conscious Business

Our concern for our impact on the Earth touches everything we do. We reduce waste and recycle almost everything. When planks are no longer adequate to remain part of a timber pallet , we put them in crates out the front of our yard for people to use them as firewood, free of charge. This way we give back to the community as well as ensuring our waste material is put to good use by lowering dependence on fossil fuel for heat.

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