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Sell used pallets

Unused or surplus pallets cluttering up your workspace? Whether plastic or wooden, most are valuable. Selling to us can free up some valuable space and it might even make a bit of cash for you as well.

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Need pallets in a hurry? Get in touch and you’ll get your quote in no time.


    If you’re interested in selling, your first step is to get in touch with us.

    Either ring us up on (03) 9369 4497 or send us a message via our contact form and let us know where you are located, how many pallets you have and what size they are.

    We’ll let you know if they’re something we can utilise and will give you an estimate of what they’re worth. We can either accept delivery of them or pick up depending on your location and quantity.

    This is part of our commitment to sustainability. We aim to operate our business in a way that sees as few trees as possible lopped for lumber, in a way that’s consistent with providing customers with the strength and durability they’re entitled to rely on in these products. We are grateful to you for any opportunity you offer to join us in this.

    What We Won’t Buy

    Due to quality considerations, we do not buy pallets that are:

    • “CHEP” or “LOSCAM”
    • Chipboard
    • Plywood

    Thinking of Selling to Us?

    Let us know where you are and the size and quantity that you have via our contact form or on (03) 9369 4497.

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