Australia’s Choice in Export, Timber, Recycled, Custom and Plastic Pallets

About Export Pallets

Australia’s Choice in Export, Timber, Recycled, Custom and Plastic Pallets

Based in Laverton North, for nearly 30 years Export Pallets has been providing the sturdy, durable pallets that Victorians need to keep their goods moving.

The company started in the secondhand pallets industry, where we traded quality used pallets. Today we provide a wide range of pallets, and services across the state. From recycled plastic pallets to timber export pallets being sent around the world, we have a pallet that suits your transport needs.

We also have a commitment to sustainability and take proactive steps to minimise our impact on the environment. If you’d like to learn more about what we do for the environment, take a look at our sustainability efforts.

Our Pallets

Export Pallets produce a range of standard pallets so you can easily find the right option for transporting your products efficiently.

Our team also builds pallets to custom sizes, to meet specific weight and dimension requests. So, if you need pallets for irregularly shaped goods, we can build the perfectly sized pallet for you! Our pallets can be manufactured from a range of materials to cater to the unique needs of your products. Common options we offer when building our pallets include new timber or a combination of new timber and recycled timber. Our options also vary in weight allowing you to choose more robust options for heavier goods.

If you’re not sure what to do with your unused pallets Export Pallets can help! We can buy back your pallets helping you clear space in your warehouse while making some extra cash.

Reliability And Communication

At Export Pallets, we understand that your transport solutions are the crux of your business. They help your products move to your customers in all corners of the globe. To minimise the risk of any hiccups down your supply chain, we prioritise reliability and communication in all our projects.

Our commitment to good communication starts from your very first meeting with our team. We work with you to understand the needs of your business and product. Once we understand your needs, we take the time to talk you through what you need to build a transport solution that best fits. Based on our discussions with your team, we uncover the correct weight and spacing requirements your products need from pallets.

Getting the right product with the matching specifications minimises risks down your supply chain. Risks minimised include:

  • Lost or damaged stock
  • Work stoppage
  • Disruption to your business

Export Pallets go beyond just building your pallets. We are strong communicators and take the time to ensure we are setting your business with the correct gear, so you feel empowered about your pallet selection.

Our Pallets

Our team at Export Pallets takes great care to ensure your pallets are in great condition to export your products. The process of preparing pallets for export involves heat treatment so we can stamp the ISPM-15 certification on the pallets. ISPM-15 certification is needed if you want to ship your goods overseas.

Export Pallets takes great pride in our heat treatment solutions. Heat treatment involves heating the timber pallets in a kiln to kill pests, while maintaining the strength and durability of the timber. Unlike fumigation methods which involve methyl bromide, this method of clearing your export pallets of pests is cleaner and more sustainable. We issue a compliance certificate after treatment and update our records to show that the pallet has been properly heat treated.

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