Custom Pallets

Strong Durable Custom Pallets

At Export Pallets we understand that sometimes one size doesn’t fit all, and we can build custom timber pallets to your specifications to meet your unique supply chain and logistical needs. From sizes as small as 300mm x 300mm to as large as 3000mm x 5000mm, we build our custom pallets from new or recycled timber. We only use the highest quality materials so you can be confident that you’re providing your products a strong and durable transport solution, regardless whether you choose new or used timber as your base.

Why Transport Your Products with Custom Pallets?

Custom sized pallets provide your business with greater flexibility to transport your goods. While standard pallet sizes work well for most products, some may need a custom pallet size due to their physical properties. Irregular shape and weight are two characteristics that can impact the need for custom pallet sizes to transport the products safely to their destination.

Irregular Shaped Goods

Products with an irregular shape may not fit into standard pallet sizes. Irregularly shaped products can sit on the pallet awkwardly which can result in the load being spread poorly across the pallet. This can destabilise the central balance of the pallet and increase its chances of tipping, which is unsafe during transport. Using a custom built pallet for irregularly shaped goods helps stabilise the load across the pallet, minimising the chances of tipping and other accidents during transport.

Pallet Weight

Bulky or heavy products usually don’t fit well with standard pallets, even if the weight is distributed evenly across the pallet. Standard pallets have a limit to the weight which they can carry, and this limit may be too light for heavy products. If the pallet cannot support the weight of your products, it has an increased risk of breaking on the forklift. This could cause delays, damage your stock or cause the forklift to tip, creating a serious accident. Export Pallets can provide pallets with a larger weight limit and durable configuration that supports heavier products, which would enable you to transport your products safely.

Heat Treatment Solutions

If you are, or planning to, export your products Export Pallets can supply you with custom pallets that are specifically designed for exporting your products. Our team takes great care to ensure the pallets are in top condition to export your products. Importantly, we heat treat our wooden export pallets in Melbourne to remove any pests. Clean pallets can help reduce the time your stock spends in quarantine, and, as we know, issues with quarantine can become quite expensive for businesses. The longer your stock sits in quarantine and the longer it takes for your products to hit the market, the bigger risk to cash flow. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended to heat treat your pallets to ensure they stay in quarantine for as little time as possible.

As we have heat treated the pallets they can be stamped with ISPM-15 certification. As part of our pallet heat treatment process we heat the timber pallets in a kiln to kill all the pests while maintaining the strength and durability of the timber. Unlike fumigation methods which involve methyl bromide, this method of clearing the export pallets of pests is cleaner and more sustainable. We’ll also issue you a compliance certificate after the treatment and update our records to show that the pallet has been properly heat treated.

Custom Pallets in Melbourne

Export Pallets produces two types of custom pallets

Custom Pallets by Export Pallets

New Custom Timber Pallets

Our new custom timber pallets are made with a high standard of timber to help transport your products safely. We build our custom pallets in-house with a focus on high quality workmanship for a durable end product. The Export Pallets Team work closely with your business to create a solution that best suits the unique needs of your products for a smooth transport process.

Custom Recycled Timber Pallets by Export Pallets

Custom Pallets from Recycled Timber

We also build custom pallets from high quality recycled timber. A benefit of building pallets from recycled timber is that it enables us to reuse materials that are still in good condition and reduce the overall waste going to landfill. This material is also a more economic option for your pallet. As the quality of our pallets is a priority for us, we only build pallets with high quality recycled materials to ensure a durable end product.

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