Environmentally Friendly Pallets

Export Pallets is passionate about providing our customers with environmentally friendly pallets to transport your products across the globe.

Like every business, ours has an impact on our natural environment. Export Pallets take proactive steps to manage this impact by offering eco-friendly pallets and using sustainable practices when preparing pallets for export. Our eco-friendly pallet options include recycled plastic and timber pallets which are a great option for the environment and your bank balance. We also heat treat your export pallets to clear them of bugs and pests instead of using fumigation methods.

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    Recycled Pallets

    Using recycled pallets is a great way to integrate environmentally friendly pallets into your business. Purchasing recycled pallets from Export Pallets ensures you are getting high-quality pallets that are better for the environment.

    When used or recycled products come into our warehouse, we inspect them and make repairs where necessary to refurbish them. As well as being good for reducing your business’ costs, this a sustainable practice that protects trees. The better refurbished a recycled product is, the longer it will stay in circulation, and the less lumber will need to be felled to build new ones.

    Heat Treatment Solutions

    Heat treating timber pallets to hinder the spread of pest species has a significant impact in protecting woodland and forest ecosystems across the world.

    In addition to protecting the local ecosystems, heat treating pallets prevents them from harmful methods of making pallets ISPM-15 compliant. Fumigating your pallets with a chemical called methyl bromide is the other major way of making pallets ISPM-15 compliant. Unlike heat treatment, the fumigation process is damaging to the environment. This extremely lethal gas also easily damages our ozone layer – a reason why many European countries have banned methyl bromide fumigation as an alternative to heat treating. This method of using a heat treatment kiln is much cleaner for the environment
    and the only way Export Pallets make your pallets ISPM-15 compliant. It’s our way of being kinder to the planet.

    Eco-Conscious Business

    Our concern for our impact on the Earth touches everything we do. We reduce waste and recycle almost everything. When planks are no longer adequate to remain part of a timber pallet, we put them in crates out the front of our yard for people to use them as firewood, free of charge. This way we give back to the community as well as ensuring our waste material is put to good use by lowering the dependence on fossil fuel for heat.

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