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To help you with your pallet supplier and product selection we’ve listed some answers to Export Pallets FAQs

If you have any other questions regarding our services, feel free to get in touch with our team.

How much experience do you have in the industry?
Export Pallets has been working in the pallet industry for nearly 30 years. Our team has a wealth of knowledge about our products and we’re very experienced in creating and providing a wide range of pallets and related services across the state. From new timber pallets to use domestically and new pallets for export, to recycled plastic and timber pallets and custom made pallets, we know and do it all. We also buy used pallets and recycle them.
What kind of pallets do you sell?

Export Pallets produce a range of pallet types, including export pallets, timber and recycled pallets and custom pallets.

We also buy used pallets and refurbish/recycle them, so businesses can buy recycled pallets from us.

What are custom pallets used for?

Custom pallets are suitable for businesses that have irregularly sized products that don’t suit the regular pallet configuration. Irregularly shaped products can sit on the pallet awkwardly which can result in the load being spread poorly across the pallet. This can destabilise the central balance of the pallet and increase its chances of tipping, which is unsafe during transport.

If you find that your products are too big, too small, or too heavy for regular pallets we can design a pallet that best suits your needs. Our team can then build the pallets for you in our on-site warehouse and deliver them to your business.

Do you sell plastic pallets?

Yes, Export Pallets sell plastic pallets. We only offer recycled plastic pallets to our customers. Our recycled plastic pallets are fully inspected.

Can I recycle my pallets with you?

Yes! Export Pallets is very passionate about sustainable business practices and can buy your old pallets. We buy both plastic and timber pallets. The only pallets we don’t buy are pallets that are “CHEP” or “LOSCAM”, chipboard and plywood.

If some of my pallets are damaged, what should I do with them?
Depending on how damaged the pallets are you might want to look at having them repaired. It’s a more cost-effective solution if you plan to use them again.
If you aren’t using the pallets again you can look at selling them to us, however the price we offer to pay for them will depend on the level of damage and if it’s a viable option for us to purchase and repair them.
How much will I get from selling my pallets to you?

The price we pay for pallets depends on the quality of your pallets. If you’d like to enquire about selling your pallets to us just get in touch with and we’ll walk you through the process and provide you with an estimate for your pallets.

What do I need to do to ensure my pallets are ready for export?

If you are using timber pallets to export your products, you will need to ensure that the pallets have been treated. Export Pallets has an onsite heating kiln to heat treat pallets so they meet ISPM-15 standards. Heat treating pallets kills the bugs in the wood and the pallets can be stamped with ISPM-15 certification.

What is heat treatment?
Heat treating is a method used to kill bugs and pests in the wood and ensures your pallets meet meet ISPM-15 standards are ready to use for export. This method of treating your pallets is kind to the environment and also safe for people allowing the pallets to be upcycled as furniture or other items once their lifecycle as a pallet is complete.
What kind of pallets do I need to use to export my products to the USA?

To export to the US, you will need pallets that are heat treated and match the US sizing. Export Pallets build pallets that are compatible with US sizing, the most common sizing being 1200mm X 1000mm.

What kind of pallets do I need to export my products to Europe?
As with all pallets going overseas, they will need to be heat treated and match the sizes of pallets used in Europe. Export Pallets build pallets that are compatible with the sizes in Europe, the most common being 1200mm x 800mm.
Do you sell to the public or to businesses only?

We sell to both businesses and the general public, so if you need some pallets for a home garden or furniture project we can help you out. Just get in touch with our team.

Can I paint the pallets I use for shipping my products?
We don’t provide a service related to painting or custom branding, however if you wanted to you can put any stenciling or branding you’d like on your pallets.
Do you recycle?

We do! In fact we always aim to avoid wastage and recycle what we can. We’ve got more information you’ll be interested in on our sustainability page. Take a look!

When you recycle timber pallets, what do you actually do?

When used or recycled products come into our warehouse, we inspect them, make repairs where necessary and fully refurbish them. As well as being good for reducing your business’ costs, this sustainable practice helps protect trees.

Recycled products with a high-quality refurbishment can stay in circulation longer, reducing the amount of timber produced to build new ones.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do for the environment, take a look at our sustainability efforts.

Commitment to Sustainability

Export Pallets are committed to sustainable business practices and pallet recyling. We aim to operate our business in a way that ensures as few trees as possible are lopped for lumber. At the same time, we ensure our practices are consistent with our mission of providing customers with strong and durable pallets that support their transport solutions. By balancing these two commitments, our operations contribute to a bigger system of sustainable business practices that support the environment.
We are grateful to you for any opportunity you offer to join us in these efforts!

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