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Why would you export your products?

The Australian economy accounts for about 2.5% of global GDP. That leaves a whopping 97.5% of global economic activity happening elsewhere. For many businesses, the obvious way to grow is to tap into new countries where there is demand and introduce their products to new markets. If you have goods to export, then Export Pallets can help get them across the world!

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    Heat treating your export pallets

    Our team takes great care to ensure the pallets are in top condition to export your products. We heat treat our wooden export pallets in Melbourne to remove any pests. Clean pallets can help reduce the time your stock spends in quarantine, and, as we know, issues with quarantine can become quite expensive for businesses. The longer your stock sits in quarantine and the longer it takes for your products to hit the market, the bigger risk to cash flow. It’s strongly recommended to heat treat your pallets to ensure they stay in quarantine for as little time as possible. If you’re not sure exactly what you need for your export pallets, we take the time to give you the right advice.

    As we have heat treated the pallets they can be stamped with ISPM-15 certification. As part of our pallet heat treatment process we heat the timber pallets in a kiln to kill all the pests while maintaining the strength and durability of the timber. Unlike fumigation methods which involve methyl bromide, this method of clearing the export pallets of pests is cleaner and more sustainable. We’ll also issue you a compliance certificate after the treatment and update our records to show that the pallet has been properly heat treated.

    Pallet Sizes

    Export Pallets stock a variety of pallet sizes so you’ll be covered no matter which country you’re planning to export your goods. Our standard sizes include:

    • 1100mm x 1100mm
    • 1200mm x 1000mm (recycled or second-hand pallets that have already been heat treated overseas)
    • 1140mm x 1140mm (recycled or second-hand pallets that have already been heat treated overseas)

    If you need a pallet that is not in our standard range of sizes, Export Pallets also make custom-sized pallets for your needs!

    International Sizing

    At Export Pallets we also produce pallets that are commonly used in different countries. It’s often beneficial to use the same pallet as your destination country as it helps your pallets continue to be used down the supply chain of the destination country.
    Below are some of the popular export pallets we stock that are compatible with international sizing.

    Recycled Euro export pallets in Melbourne
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    Recycled Euro Pallets

    1200 x 800

    Export Pallets supply the standard European pallet as defined by EPAL (European Pallet Association). This pallet size is the most widely used across the world.

    Recycled 4 way entry export pallets in Melbourne
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    Recycled 4 Way Entry Pallets

    1200 x 1000 or 1140 x 1140

    These recycled pallets can be used for both exporting goods or for domestic shipping. The 1200 x 1000 size is most popular in the USA.

    You’ve got The Goods, We’ve Got The Pallets For Sale

    Whatever what you’re exporting, Export Pallets have a pallet solution for your business. We produce and supply export pallets in Melbourne that are used to transport goods all over the world. If you’re not sure on the right type of pallet for your business, we’ll take you through all the solutions available and help you understand your options.

    If we don’t stock the exact size you need in our yard, we can custom build pallets to your exact specifications and deliver them to you within a matter of days.

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