Export Pallets is considered one of the most experienced timber pallet manufacturers in Melbourne.  Our business operates in Laverton North, approx. 20 minutes drive from the city centre of Melbourne.

We supply pallets for both the domestic and export markets and these include :

  • Timber pallets (new and used),
  • Plastic pallets; and
  • Recycled pallets.

A large portion of our business is focused on building custom timber pallets to your specifications.


Call our office on (03) 9369 4497, or contact us for a quote.

Which Customers Do We Serve ?

Our customer base includes large and medium sized companies; in particular those businesses that import products and distribute them via pallet within Australia. We also supply smaller orders as required.

Our Timber Pallet Manufacturing Process in Melbourne

At Export Pallets, we process the timber onsite. Our experienced team understand timber and they are skilled in assessing the most efficient way to use it.  Wherever possible, they strive to reduce wastage.

The timber sourced is an industrial grade, and where export pallets are required, is heat treated in our on-site kiln. This ensures that our pallet manufacture conforms to Government Regulation ISPM-15.  We also supply a Heat Treatment Certificate so you can be assured your pallets for export, meet all international standards and requirements.

Assessment of your Pallet Requirements

Talk to us about what pallets you need.  Our team has significant experience, as we have been in the timber pallet business for nearly 30 years.  As we are manufacturers of pallets in Melbourne, we understand the market very well and can advise you at every step in the process.  Some of the questions that we may ask you include:

  • What products are going to be transported ?
  • Do you require the pallets for domestic or export ?
  • If export is required :
    • Which countries will be involved (eg meat to Asia, or wine to the EU ?)
    • What size containers will be used ? 20ft or 40ft ?

You may not know all the answers, but as we are skilled in this area, we can guide you through the process.

Standard Sized Pallets or Custom built ?

At Export Pallets, we can manufacture both standard sized pallets or build custom timber pallets to your specifications. For example you may have bulky or heavy products you need to move, or they may be irregular shaped goods.

Being agile in this industry, is one of our key points of difference. As we are pallet manufacturers with our factory based in Melbourne, we have the ability to cater for all your requirements.


Sustainability and the Environment

Every business in Australia, needs to take the environment and sustainability  into consideration.

At Export Pallets :

  • We want to improve our impact on the environment and are constantly assessing alternative eco-friendly methods used in pallet manufacturing.
  • Our heat treatments enable us to remove pests without using old fumigation methods.
  • Wooden pallets are recycled where ever possible to avoid wastage. We are very proud of the fact that 25% of the pallets we supply, are recycled.


At Export Pallets, we are here to assist you with all aspects of your pallet enquiries. Call our office on (03) 9369 4497 to talk to us about your requirements, or contact us for a quote.