In order to be able to export your goods to either the US, China, India or Europe you will need to check the export pallet dimensions. To ensure your pallets comply with the relative regulatory requirements in order to successfully export your products, without them being held in quarantine. While the Australian standard export pallet dimensions are 1165mm x 1165mm, it is important to remember that the standards for the pallet dimensions tend to differ between countries. To assist you, here are some of the different export pallet dimensions in respective to each country.

United States

Before exporting to the United States, it is incredibly important that the correct pallets are being used according to the regulations of the US pallet standards. If you would like to learn more about the procedure of exporting products to the US, read our detailed and concise article here.

The specified pallet dimensions for exporting products to the US are 1200mm x 1000mm.


Like other countries, China has strict regulations on the goods that are being brought into their country. For example, similar to the US, India and the EU. – China requires all wooden pallets to be heat-treated and stamped with ISPM-15 to avoid bringing unwanted pests and bugs into the country. More information on the ISPM-15 standards can be found on the ADAFF website.

Export pallet dimensions for pallets being delivered to China are 1100mm x 1100mm.


Recently, India has seen rapid growth in their economy – as shown by the sharp growth of their GDP within the past two decades. As the volume of imported goods to India has increased, the level of standardisation nation-wide in regard to the export pallet dimensions used for goods has slowly risen.

With that being said, the most commonly used export pallet dimensions for exporting to India are 1200mm x 1000mm.


The standard pallet type for exporting products to Europe is known as Euro pallets (also known as EPAL pallets), as stated by the European Pallet Association. To find more information about the process of exporting goods and services using pallets to Europe, read more on our dedicated blog post for exporting pallets using Euro Pallets (EPAL).

The specific standard export pallet dimensions for EPAL pallets are 1200mm x 800mm.


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