Building custom pallets for irregularly sized goods requires a high degree of care and precision. The needs for each irregularly sized product are unique, so it is highly recommended that you consult with your pallet manufacturer to find the pallet that best suits your products.

Export Pallets have made a list of things to consider when making custom pallets for your business.

Considerations for building custom pallets for irregularly sized goods

Product dimensions

When manufacturing custom pallets for products, precise product measurements are key. These measurements are used to find the dimensions you need your pallets to be. The better the fit your pallet is for your product, the fewer issues you will face during the transportation process. An issue that could arise from inaccurate product measurements is the risk to transport workers if your products end up sticking out from your pallet. Taking precise measurements also prevents you from wasting extra space on your pallet. Saving extra space adds up and you will be able to fit more pallets into transport vehicles down the supply chain, saving money throughout the transportation process.

Product weight

In addition to how much space your products take up, it is also important to know how heavy your products will be. The heavier your product is, the more durable the timber will need to be for your custom-made pallets. If the timber the pallet is made from cannot support the weight of your products it has an increased chance of breaking on the forklift. This at best delays work, but can also damage stock or cause the forklift to tip, causing an accident. Heavy weighted pallets work best for bulky products and allow you to transport your products safely with their durable configuration that supports heavier products.

Practical scenarios

Think about how your products will be transported throughout the supply chain. Which way will they be loaded onto trucks? How will forklifts be carrying your products? Are there any stages of the transport process that requires pallets in a particular configuration? Knowing the answer to these practical scenarios helps in designing your custom pallets as manufacturers will be able to configure the pallets according to what best suits their future use. Configuration includes putting in openings for the forklift tines to smoothen the process of moving your products between vehicles as much as possible.

Positioning of products

Consulting your pallet manufacturer will help you build the custom pallet that best matches your products. By taking a look at your products, pallet manufacturers will be able to take a close look at how your goods will sit on the pallet. With this small snippet of information, pallet manufacturers will be able to determine how close the boards on your pallet need to be. For smaller products, your boards will need to be brought in close to prevent your products from falling through the gaps. On the other hand, pallets for larger products can have the boards spaced out a little more, which uses less timber and saves you a fair amount of money down the track!

We hope you learned something new about building custom pallets for irregularly sized goods.

Export Pallets offer custom pallets in Melbourne built from new or recycled timber. We take the time to consult our clients on our range of products so that you have a clear understanding of your options. This consultation becomes our foundation for building custom pallets that fit your products like a glove.

If you are looking for custom timber pallets specific to exporting your products, our team can heat treat your pallets. This process removes any pests from timber so your products spend less time in quarantine. Contact us today to learn more about the custom pallets that best suit your products.