Mistakes made when prepping pallets for shipping could cost you time and money, so it’s important to get it right. We’ve provided some tips to help you prep your pallets for shipping success, but of course not everything can be shipped in perfectly uniform sized boxes. So here’s some tips on shipping irregular shaped items.

Protective pads

Using a reliable protective material (like a sheet of corrugated cardboard), or pad, underneath the load on the pallet (between the pallet and the goods being shipped) and on top of the load, plus corner or edge boards (if needed) will help protect the load during shipping.

Secure the load

Secure the load to the pallet using straps or banding, with at least 2 horizontal and 2 vertical straps.

Unboxed items

Bulky and irregular shaped items that cannot be boxed should be strapped to the pallet, and any sharp edges should be padded. There should be no overhang over the edges of the pallet.


If the bulky items are drums, place some protective material underneath, between and over the top of the drums and secure them in the centre of the pallet by strapping the drums to each other and then to the pallet. As drums filled with liquid are very heavy, make sure the combined weight of the drums doesn’t exceed the weight capacity of the pallet.

Industrial Equipment or Engines

Make sure any fluids, oils and fuels are drained from the equipment before packing. When you place the items on the pallet make sure there is no overhang and make sure the pallet is large enough so it doesn’t tip over during transit.


Lay the tyres on their side and stack them on top off each other on the pallet. Secure them

Get the label right

Every pallet shipment must be clearly and correctly labelled, with the label stuck to a flat surface. The provider you are shipping with will be able to provide shipping labels. and make sure all the required fields are filled in. If your goods are fragile or perishable, make sure that is clearly labelled too. Labels must be stuck to the side of the packed pallet (not the top).

Avoiding mistakes when preparing your pallets for shipping will help save you time and money in the long run.

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