We know that exporting your products can lead to many new opportunities. If it fits in with your business plan, you’ve confirmed there is a market for your product, you have the resources and you’re planning to export products to Europe here’s some information and resources to help.

There are 44 countries in Europe, including (along with links to some Austrade market profiles) France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Romania, and more. Australia is currently working on an Australian-EU free trade agreement that will improve market access for Australian exports.

Before you start exporting and selling products in Europe it best to research and understand the European value added tax system (VAT). The Australian Trade and Investment Commission has some VAT information to help.

It’s also important to take a look through the resources and information available at Austrade and when you select the market you are looking at in Europe, you can drill down to information such as regulations, tariffs and VAT for that particular country. For example, helpful tariffs and regulations information for:

There’s useful information on the UK export market on the ATIC website, including important information on tariffs and regulations.

And remember to always check on the Australian requirements for exporting from Australia. Australian Border Force (ABF) sets out the requirements, including prohibited goods and documentation, such as an Export Declaration.

Europe Export Pallets

Export Pallets supply the standard European 1200×800 pallet as defined by EPAL (European Pallet Association). This pallet size is the most widely used across the world.

If your pallets do not meet the required specifications, your products may get held up in quarantine, and that could cost you time and money.

Since January 2021 all pallets exported to the EU have needed to meet ISMP-15 standards. Our team can heat treat your export pallets in our on-site kiln to kill all the pests and to ensure the pallets are certified to ISMP-15 standards.

If you need pallets for international shipping get in touch with our team!