Storing wooden pallets safely and securely is important as they can pose a severe fire hazard, potential danger to employees and disrupt the workflow of your business. Careful decisions need to be made regarding the storage of wooden pallets to minimise the risk of harm. You also want to consider the amount of space required for storage and avoid disruptions to workflow.

Tips for safely storing wooden pallets

Storing pallets outdoors


By storing pallets outside, you are minimising potential fire hazards and the risk of pallets falling and injuring property or persons working indoors. You also save valuable space without indoor clutter and interruptions to workflow. Outdoor storage of pallets may also reduce the risk of pest and live egg infestations affecting their quality and ability to be used in transport. Our heat treatment process ensures pallets are fit for international transport if you feel this may be an issue.


Exposure to the weather elements can be a potential downside to storing wooden pallets outside, so careful consideration needs to be made regarding a suitable storage place. Wooden pallets can change shape and warp over time when exposed to water and certain temperatures. This may not be a huge factor if the pallets are fast moving, however, if storage is required long-term, you will need to take this into consideration. As wooden pallets are very flammable, careful attention needs to be paid to fire safety practices and pallets should not block fire safety exits.

Storing pallets indoors


The benefits of indoor timber pallet storage are the protection from the weather elements and a reduction in the warping of the wood. Pallets can be secured indoors to prevent theft or misuse.


If pallets are left too long indoors, they can become a breeding ground for live pests and eggs that will need to be treated before any international transport. Indoor pallets cannot block fire exits or be stacked too high as they may block fire sprinklers, be too close to roof and piping which may then be hit by forklifts causing considerable damage. Care should be taken to store them in a secure area, and avoid obstructing forklift drivers from moving around efficiently.

Safe ways to stack wooden pallets

  • Pallets should be stacked flat and straight and no higher than 6ft
  • Keep your wooden pallet stack to groups of 4 stacks or less
  • Avoid mixing different sizes of pallets when stacking
  • Keep your outside pallet stacks at least 7 metres away from buildings to avoid being a fire hazard
  • Keep away from flammable materials
  • Check your pallets are not obstructing any fire sprinklers, roof beams or piping and keep them half a metre away from walls
  • If you are storing your pallets indoors, ensure the room has thorough ventilation to avoid any issues with mould

We hope this information is helpful regarding storing wooden pallets. Contact us today to learn more about the custom pallets that best suit your business.