When shipping your products domestically or internationally you’ll have to decide how you ship them – in single boxes, or in boxes stacked and loaded on a pallet. And here are the benefits of using pallets for shipping…

Pallets make your packages easier to move around

Shipments using pallets are easier to move around and can be moved quickly. They’re easy to load on and off trucks using a forklift or pallet jack. Plus, if they meet the criteria, pallets can be stacked and therefore use the space in trucks or shipping containers more effectively.

Pallets provide safer shipping

By keeping your packages/boxes off the ground pallets can protect your products from dust, dirt or moisture or water that may be on the ground. Plus, heavier goods can be shipped safer on pallets than just in boxes (heavy duty pallets can be built to endure up to 2000kg of weight on each pallet!).

Unlike shipping crates the construction of the pallet provides air circulation under the items or boxes staked on it, which is helpful if you’re shipping something like fresh produce.

Pallets are durable and reusable

Despite how lightweight they are, both timber and plastic pallets are strong, durable and reusable.

Pallets are easy to store when not being used

Pallets can easily be stacked flat and straight on the ground, with the height of the stack a maximum of 6 feet. This makes them easy to store when they’re not being used.

Pallets can be recycled

Pallets can be repaired and refurbished and sold as recycled pallets. And once they are beyond repair and no longer needed pallets can be broken down and the timber recycled. At Export Pallets we recycle pallets, and you can take a look at our sustainability practices for more information.

If you need timber, plastic or recycled pallets for domestic or international shipping get in touch with our team!