Exporting your products can lead to many new opportunities for your business! If you’re planning to export products to the US here’s some information and resources you need to know.

We recommend you take a look at the resources available on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) website. It covers importing into the US plus processing, duties, taxes and fees.

While most goods are fine, there are some agencies (not CBP) that require some types of goods have a license, permit or other certification to import into the US. So definitely an area to check before you get started!

CBP will examine the goods and documentation you are exporting (or importing to the US) so it is vital that all your documents are finalised correctly and your goods clearly marked.  They will examine shipments for:

  • The value of the goods for customs purposes and their dutiable status
  • Whether the goods must be marked with their country of origin or require special marking or labelling. If so, whether they are marked in the manner required.
  • Whether the shipment contains prohibited articles
  • Whether the goods are correctly invoiced
  • Whether the goods are in excess of the invoiced quantities or a shortage exists
  • Whether the shipment contains illegal narcotics.

US export pallets

Selecting the right pallets is essential when exporting goods to the US to ensure they are compliant with US standards and regulations. If your pallets do not meet the required specifications, your products may get held up in quarantine, which could become a costly process.

Our timber export pallets can be heat treated to meet US standards and regulations (ISPM-15). The most popular pallet size for exporting from Australia to the US is 1200mm x 1000mm. These dimensions can improve freight handling to the US due to increasing ease of transport through shipping containers, warehouses and vehicle transport.

If you need pallets for international shipping get in touch with our team!