US export pallets

Selecting the right pallets is essential when exporting your goods to the US to ensure they are compliant with American standards and regulations. If your pallets do not meet these specifications, your products can be held up in quarantine, which can be a costly process. Based in Melbourne, Export Pallets ensure pallets going to the US are designed specifically for your products and meet all requirements to enable a seamless and timely delivery. Our team takes great care to ensure our pallets are in great condition to export your products.


Our US export pallets are treated to meet American standards and regulations and the most popular pallet specifications in terms of sizing are 1200mm x 1000mm. These dimensions can improve freight handling to the US due to increasing ease of transport through shipping containers, warehouses and vehicle transport.

Exporting to the US with our pallets

Export Pallets offer brand new export pallets and recycled pallets that help move your products to the US. Our products are made from high-quality timber ensuring that they are durable and support your products fully. Another example of a pallet used internationally is the Euro Pallet which suits European standards and regulations.

If you are looking for more durable options for heavy products, we can also custom build weighted pallets to standard US sizes. Our custom pallet options are tailored perfectly to your products for the best fit. Learn more about building custom pallets for your products!

The process

Our wooden US export pallets are heat treated in Melbourne to remove any timber pests or live eggs on the pallet that could hinder the delivery process. Wooden pallets can carry disease, fungus and live organisms that pose a threat to environments they are not normally found in. Heat treatment ensures pests and disease are destroyed and not transferred from country to country – potentially impacting native eco-systems. Preparing pallets for export involves a high-quality heat treatment to stamp the ISPM-15 certification on the pallets. Our process involves heating the timber pallets in a kiln to kill off any pests or live eggs, without compromising the strength or durability of the timber.

The ISPM-15 regulations were developed by the International Plant Protection Convention. Pallets that comply with these regulations are stamped to verify they have been treated according to standards. If US export pallets are not compliant, they can be held up in quarantine, reshipped and sent back, or ordered to be destroyed.

Our heat treatment process is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than fumigation processes that involve methyl bromide. It is beneficial and cost-effective to heat treat export pallets to ensure they stay in quarantine for the least amount of time as possible. Clean pallets can speed up the potentially costly quarantine process and allows your products to reach their market earlier.

Want to know more about pallets going into the US? Contact us today. Our team will go through your options and help you choose (or build!) the pallet that best suits your product needs.