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Timber Pallets

Are you looking for timber pallets Melbourne? At Export Pallets we produce and supply new and recycled timber pallets so you can successfully transport your goods domestically and internationally.

When using our timber pallets you can be confident that they are high quality and built to premium standards. We’ll help you keep your supply chain running smoothly. We supply the best timber pallets in Melbourne!

Timber Pallet Sizes Available at our Melbourne Yard

Our new timber pallets to standard sizes of:

·       1100mm x 1100mm

·       1150mm x 1150mm

·       1165mm x 1165mm

Although, if this doesn’t suit your needs that’s where our custom pallets come in. We can build new pallets to custom sizes, so they will suit the products you need to ship perfectly. Our team are experts at building custom sized pallets and have worked on pallets as small as 300mm x 300mm all the way up to pallets as large as 3000mm x 5000mm. We’ll have the pallets you need!

Get in touch with our experienced team to discuss your needs and we’ll provide your business with advice on the sizes that would best suit your products, so your shipping process runs smoothly and efficiently.

We have 30 years of experience and understand how each type and size of pallet affects the jobs they’re used for. Especially, when the wrong pallet can lead to damage to your goods. You can feel confident that we’ll take the time to understand your needs and help you choose the right pallet type and size.


Heat Treated Timber Pallets Melbourne

Our team can also heat treat your timber pallets in our on-site kiln to kill any pests/contaminants in the wood. Additionally, the pallets are then certified to ISMP-15 standards. Pallets with this certification usually have an easier time moving through quarantine. The heat treatment process maintains the strength and durability of the timber to ensure you will have the high-quality pallets you started with.

New Pallets by Export Pallets

New Timber Pallets

Regardless of what industry you are in we can make pallets to suit your needs. Our new timber pallets come in a range of standard sizes such as 1165 x 1165, 1100 x 1100, 1150 x 1150 or 1065 x 1065. If you need pallets but not in our standard sizes we can make any sized pallet you need. We can also heat treat our timber pallets to ensure they meet ISPM-15 standards for export.


Used Recycled Pallets by Export Pallets

Used / Recycled Timber Pallets

Export Pallets used/recycled timber pallets products come in a range of sizes - 1165 x 1165, 1200 x 1000, 1140 x 1140, 1200 x 800 (Euro). We also have a good stock of recycled materials so if one of the sizes listed here doesn’t work for you and you want to keep your costings down we may be able to help with custom pallets made from recycled timber. Just have a chat with our team.


Alternative to Timber Pallets

If you want an alternative to timber pallets, we also supply high quality recycled plastic pallets. They may be more desirable for use due to their lightweight properties.

Whatever you’re shipping or exporting, Export Pallets have a pallet solution for your business!

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