To ensure the longevity of your pallets we’ve shared some insights below to help you maintain your shipping pallets.

Use your pallets correctly

One of the key ways to extend the life of a pallet is to use it correctly! And we’ve got some resources to help with that:

Stack and store your pallets safely

  • Never stack a pallet on its side. Pallets should be stacked flat and straight on the ground and the height of the stack should not exceed 6 feet (as it then is at risk of toppling over).
  • Keep your wooden pallet stack to groups of 4 stacks or less.
  • When stacking pallets don’t mix different sizes of pallets, or different types of pallets (timber, plastic, etc).
  • If you’re stacking and storing pallets outside, keep the pallet stacks at least 7 metres away from buildings to avoid being a fire hazard or a risk to employees.
  • Keep the pallets away from flammable materials.
  • Ensure your pallets are not blocking any fire sprinklers or piping and keep them half a metre away from walls.
  • If you’re storing pallets indoors, ensure the room has thorough ventilation to avoid any issues with mould.
  • If you’re storing your pallets outside keep in mind how the elements can impact them. For example, timber pallets can warp when exposed to moisture or rain. While plastic pallets would seem more durable (because they are!),

Damaged Pallets

If your pallets get damaged, depending on how bad the damage is you might be able to have them repaired. It’s a more cost-effective solution if you plan to use them again.

However if the damage is too bad or you aren’t using the pallets again, then clear them out. You can look at selling them to us, however the price we offer to pay for them will depend on the level of damage and if it’s a viable option for us to purchase and repair them.

Don’t paint your pallets

While you can put any stencilling or branding you’d like on your pallets, it is recommended that you don’t paint them.

If you need pallets for domestic shipping or exporting, you need to ask about damaged pallets or get in touch with our team!