Export Pallets - How to prepare your pallets for shipping

When shipping your products on pallets it’s important to prepare the pallet correctly and avoid mistakes, as mistakes could cost you time and money. Here’s some tips to help you prep your pallets for shipping success.

Stack it right

If they are not already, pack your products into boxes. When stacking the boxes onto the pallet stack them in even columns with the heaviest boxes on the bottom and the weight distributed across the pallet. When stacking, make sure there is no overhang and you do not exceed the maximum weight limit for the pallet. Make sure you have a level top surface if you can (so the whole pallet is stackable), as some freight companies may charge you extra for a pallet with an uneven surface that cannot be stacked.

Strap it, wrap it or both

The boxes must be secured to the pallet by either strapping with multiple straps, wrapping it all in shrink wrap or both. If doing both, strap it first and then shrink wrap it, with some of the shrink wrap layers running around the timber or plastic pallet too. This will ensure the goods are secured safely onto the pallet. If it’s needed, you can also use edge boards along the corners or sides of the stacked goods on the pallet for additional protection and stability.

Get the label right

Every pallet shipment must be clearly and correctly labelled. The provider you are shipping with will be able to provide shipping labels. and make sure all the required fields are filled in. If your goods are fragile or perishable, make sure that is clearly labelled too. Labels must be stuck to the side of the packed pallet (not the top).

Avoiding mistakes when preparing your pallets for shipping will help save you time and money in the long run.

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