There are many different pallet sizes around the world. These various sizes depend on what the pallets are used for and the logistical demands of different countries. With an increasing number of Australian businesses exporting across the world, it is important for businesses to be aware of the different pallet sizes of their target countries. Export Pallets have created a summary of some common pallet sizes around the world to help simplify the process for your business!

Pallet sizes around the world

There are two dimensions through which we can look at the way pallets are measured. The first way we can look at pallet sizes is the physical dimensions of the pallet i.e. its length and width. The second way we can look at pallet sizes is how much the pallet can hold without being put under great physical stress. This is often called the Safe Working Load (SWL) or the Normal Working Load (NWL).


Between 2019-20 America was Australia’s 3rd largest export market. America is a significant trading partner of Australia and we export a significant amount of products to this market.

Standard Pallet Dimensions: 1200mm X 1000mm
SWL: 1000kg

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Out of the top 20 export markets between 2019-2020, 13 of these countries were located in Asia. Australia has strong trading ties with these neighbours which include exporting wool, wheat, wine and more! The standard pallet size across Asia is the same as the size used in the standard ISO shipping containers, the size of a standard Australian export pallet.

Standard Pallet Dimensions: 1100mm X 1100mm
SWL: 1000kg


Another significant export region for Australia is Europe. 3 countries in the top 20 export markets between 2019-2020 were from this region.

Standard Pallet Dimensions: 1200mm X 1000mm
SWL: 1000kg

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We hope you have learned more about pallet sizes around the world! Export Pallets is passionate about helping our customers transport their products across the globe and offer our customers top-quality export pallets. Our team can also arrange to have a meeting with you to go through your needs to design a custom pallet that best fits your product. To ensure that your products are ready for export, we heat treat your pallets on our on-site kiln to kill off any pests that may be living on the timber. Contact us today to get a quote on our services!