Australian-made pallets are used to transport thousands of goods across the globe every day. They play a key role in our exports and trading processes. Pallets made in Australia include the Standard Australian Pallet and others that are used for export.

The Standard Australian Pallet

The standard Australian Pallet usually sized at 1165mm X 1165mm, are generally made from pine, a type of softwood that is very cost-effective and versatile in its applications. This is perfect for the Australian railways which can fit 2 pallets side by side in the containers that transport these pallets across the country. These pallets are accepted across Australia and work well in moving your goods between states. In fact, it’s estimated that around two-thirds of products that are transported on pallets across Australia use the 1165mm X 1165mm pallet size.

Export Pallets offer a wide range of new pallets that can be made to the dimensions of the standard Australian Pallet. If you are looking for specific dimensions for exporting your pallets, our export pallet range covers pallets that suit international needs. We make pallets that are suitable for transporting products to the USA, Europe and beyond!

Benefits of using Australian-made Pallets

There are many benefits of using Australian-made pallets in your transport process. Some of these benefits include:

Boosts the local economy

Australian-made pallets are a great way to boost the local economy by supporting Australian businesses. By supporting local manufacturing, you are supporting the local community. Local manufacturing increases job opportunities locally and provides livelihoods for many Australian communities. Supporting local businesses also helps these manufacturers expand their services to a greater number of clients.

As many businesses would have experienced recently, local manufacturing is crucial for the economy as it keeps business going even in the case imports cannot come through.

High-quality end products

Australian manufacturing is well known for its quality of workmanship. We have one of the strictest quality control standards in the world and all products are built to match these high standards. As a result, building your pallets with local Australian pallet manufacturers will ensure that you have sturdy pallets that will support your products.

Australian product quality goes beyond the manufacturing process and includes the methods used in sourcing raw materials. Sustainability and environmentally friendly practices are at the forefront of Export Pallets’ processes which ensures our customers are relying on guilt-free quality for transporting their products.

Easy to customise

Many goods and products need special custom pallets to ensure that the products are transported safely to their destination. These custom specifications can be quite difficult to communicate accurately with international suppliers. On the other hand, working with local pallet manufacturers allows you to meet and design your pallets with a clear picture in mind. As experts in the pallet manufacturing industry, Export Pallets also provide our clients with recommendations on the kind of pallet specifications that will work best for your goods.

We hope you learned more about these pallets made in Australia and their benefits. Export Pallets make all our pallets in our Laverton warehouse ready to transport your products locally, or across the globe. Get a quote on your Australian-made pallets with Export Pallets today!