Exporting with Euro Pallets

Euro pallets, also known as EPAL pallets, are the standard pallet type as specified by the European Pallet Association for the export of goods into Europe and certain other countries. If your business exports products into Europe, it is crucial transporting the goods with pallets that are approved locally. This ensures safe and efficient deliveries that maximise your profit and benefit your business!

What are Euro pallets?

Euro pallets are the most widely-used exchange pallet worldwide and guarantee the smooth transport of your goods to Europe and other countries. These export pallets are specifically designed to comply with international standards. Their high-quality design ensures maximum occupational safety and stability to transport your products. Pallets made for use in Europe suit the conditions in the respective overseas environments. Another example of a pallet used internationally is the US export pallet which suits American standards and regulations.

So why use specific pallets to export products to Europe?

Pallets going to Europe need to meet the European pallet requirements required to get through customs and quarantine. Goods that are exported to Europe without using EPAL pallets may be held up in quarantine, or risk being sent back to Australia entirely. This can prove very costly for your business as your goods may fail to reach their destination and you may be up for expensive return costs. It is important to recognise that standard pallets are built differently from Euro pallets and may not comply with international quarantine standards, delaying product transportation and hindering your business. To get through customs and quarantine in Europe efficiently, it is important to use export pallets approved in this geography.

Euro pallet specifications

Our EPAL standard pallets are designed and manufactured to comply with international European standards and are export approved. As required by European customs and quarantine, they have also been heat treated for ISPM 15 compliance. This process ensures the removal of any insects, pests or live eggs that may be living in the timber that could potentially spread from county to country. The specifications of the Euro pallets are:
Dimensions – 1200 x 800mm
Capacity – 1200kg

Standard pallets vs EPAL Pallets

When it comes to exporting goods to Europe, standard pallets are not interchangeable, therefore only EPAL standard pallets can be used. Whilst your pallets may have similar dimensions, and weight capacity, they are still not export approved for European countries.

Looking to export goods into Europe, or a destination that requires pallets approved by Europe? Get in contact with our friendly and professional team today to ensure your goods arrive efficiently at their destination.