Selling used pallets can have some great benefits for your business. From helping the environment to your business, the advantages are various. Export Pallets will delve into some of its biggest advantages so you can learn more about this process!

Benefits of selling used pallets

Great for the environment

Selling old items is a great way to promote sustainable practices within your business. In particular, reselling timber pallets keeps the timber in the market and reduces the need to fell timber to create new pallets. This helps keep our forests green and reduces the impact on the environment. Similarly, recycling plastic pallets also helps prolong their life and reduces the amount of commercial waste put out by your business. Providing either of these pallet types a second life is great for the environment as it helps sustain the life of our natural resources.

Clear space in your warehouse

One of the most obvious benefits of selling used pallets is that it helps clear up space in your warehouse. This allows you to utilise the area to store more useful items for your business, e.g. stock, or use it as an extra workspace and increase the productivity of your business.

Clearing the space in your warehouse is also important to maintaining OH&S within your business. Clean work areas minimise the risk of injury from pallets either lying loose or stored incorrectly. Selling your pallets is a quick way to clear space and improve the safety of your warehouse for your employees and any visitors.

Get some extra cash

Selling used pallets is a great way to generate some extra cash for the business. The higher the quality of your used pallets, the more life and uses they have which increases the amount of money pallet companies are willing to buy them for. If you have some sturdy pallets lying around at work, you may find that selling them can generate a significant amount of money for your business. This extra cash can be a great contribution to other areas of your business, or to just upgrade your pallets to new ones!

Export Pallets buy pallets from local businesses as part of our commitment to sustainability. We walk you through the whole process to ensure that the process is fast and simple for your business. Contact us today to learn more about the process of selling your pallets!

There are also benefits of buying used pallets. Learn more about the benefits of buying used pallets or contact us today to enquire about Export Pallets’ wide range of used/recycled pallets for your business.