Heavy Duty Pallets

Heavy duty pallets are a crucial investment for businesses that have weighty products. These strong pallets can be made for either timber or plastic. While there are many plastic options readily available on the market, designing a custom timber pallet for your weighty products allows you to build a pallet that suits the needs of your specific products.

Before looking into designing pallets for your weighted goods, you will need to first understand the purpose of these pallets and how they support your products.

Why invest in heavy duty pallets?

Standard pallets are a great way of moving your products across the globe. For heavier products, the process of choosing your pallets is a little different, and often, you’ll need to invest in custom-made pallets.

The heavier your product is, the more durable the timber will need to be for your custom-made pallets. This timber will need to be able to support your products throughout the entire transport or logistics chain. Their durability will prevent it from breaking during crucial moments of transit such as moving your products onto forklifts. Accidents on forklifts can be especially risky for your business – they at best delay work, but can also damage stock or cause the forklift to tip, causing an accident. As a result, customising heavy duty pallets to your products’ needs is crucial in moving heavy goods safely.

Heavy duty pallets can be built to endure up to 2000kg of weight on each pallet. This allows you to transport weighted goods like construction equipment or dense metal parts of vehicles easily across the globe.

Considerations during the customisation process

There are two main areas you can customise your timber pallets to ensure they are strong enough to hold your products’ weight.

A weighted configuration

Using a weighted configuration for your pallets is the first way you can boost their durability. A weighted configuration is created by using weighted timber strips for your pallet. This configuration works best for bulky products and allows you to transport your products safely with the extra support that is provided by the heavier, and more durable timber.

Wider/extra boards

Using wider or extra boards in your pallets are another way of supporting your weighted products as they travel down the logistics chain. Heavy-duty pallets with this configuration are made using wider boards of timber to ensure no weak spots in the pallet, which minimises risks of breakage during transit.

The combination of a weighted pallet configuration and using wider timber strips in your pallet helps support your products as they travel across the globe.

Export Pallets offer custom pallets in Melbourne. Our custom pallets can be built for weighted products from new or recycled timber. We take the time to consult our clients on our range of products so that you have a clear understanding of your options. This consultation becomes our foundation for building strong, durable pallets that can safely transport your products.

If you are looking for heavy duty timber pallets specific to exporting your products, our team can heat treat your pallets. This process removes any pests from timber, so your products spend less time in quarantine. Contact us today to learn more about the custom pallets that best suit your products.